Are home alarms needed if locks and bolts are there?

How Home Security Systems Impede Burglars Plus Attackers

89Having the good sense to lock all the doors and windows at night and before leaving the house is never going out of style. Double locks, deadbolts and door braces are here to stay. However, home security systems operate on the notion that being able to avert a burglar and obstruct his entry might not suffice. After all, the presence of a live, thinking criminal at the door changes the situation entirely.

Certainly, a home alarm is intended first and foremost to deter a forced entry. Typically, any of motion, heat or vibration can trigger the electronic device into alarming. The loud sound is enough to make trespassers scamper away, lest they be exposed and caught, but is this alarming a redundancy? Are home alarms needed if locks and bolts are there in place already?

When a burglar alarm rings out, it does not only drive the burglar away but also reveals the would-be victim’s predicament and location. The same conspicuous sound attracts the attention of people within earshot, and will compel some to help and call the police.

In addition, many home alarm systems do more than make noise and defend doors and windows. A PIR alarm uses a passive infrared system to cover rooms rather than entry points. Likewise, motion detector alarms protect expansive areas. Besides entry alarms, home alarms encompass drawer alarms, laptop alarms, pool alarms, driveway alarms and glass breakage alarms.

A wireless security system with an auto dialer and a microphone can be triggered to call a series of preset phone numbers to disclose a potential break-in and provide response options. You could program 911 in or the local police hotline, or your own number so as to ward off the intruder from a safe distance.

A voice alert is an annunciator system using one’s own recorded messages in place of an alarm. A barking dog alarm creates the illusion of there being a guard dog at home. Plus, home security systems include surveillance cameras for collecting video evidence of crime.