HomeSafe® Home Protection

Raise The Alarm Against Unauthorized Entry
The first step to securing your home is to be alerted to any unauthorized entry. For this, you can’t go wrong with HomeSafe® home protection products. Most are wireless home security gadgets with an effective range up to 300 feet.

The HomeSafe® Home Security Vibration Sensor triggers an alarm through vibration when a door or window is opened. The Safety Alert & Driveway Patrol Alarm monitors movement coming in and going out of its protected area.

Another HomeSafe® home protection alarm, the Home Security System comes with an Auto Dialer Security and Safety Alarm, as well as a Home Security Motion Sensor, both of which can be purchased separately. The auto dialer allows the pre-programming of five phone numbers to be called once the device senses movement and triggers an alarm. The motion sensor can protect a specific area separate from doors and windows.

Worry less with HomeSafe® home protection devices, and be ready to thwart intruders or criminals.